We at MKCL Arabia are dedicated to provide the best quality and valuable HR services to our clients to ensure the clients satisfaction as well as the satisfaction of our deputed staff on the respective projects.

We achieve this in two ways – first of all through the quality of the service that we do offer to our clients and, secondly, through how we deliver these services.

Our HR services to our projects are as under: 

Planning and Recruitment

  • Manpower planning for the projects. 
  • Analyzing the Job Requirements for each project.
  • Recruitment and Staffing as per the RFP standards of the clients.
  • Tracking the Manpower deputed on the Projects.

Orientation, Training, Performance Appraisal & Career Planning

  • Orientation of the new staff members before deputing on Project Site.
  • Training and Development of new and existing staff, in order to meet the client’s requirements.
  • Performance Appraisal of all the deputed staff on the projects and submission of its report to the client.
  • Career planning which consists of offering opportunities to employees by enrolling in the different programs which upgrade their skill levels.

Compensation Benefits

  • Payroll Administration of the entire staff deputed on the projects through our ERP System.
  • Compensation and Benefits for the staff deputed on projects

Employee Relations

  • Keeping Good relations with the employee to enable a sense of security and job satisfaction which ultimately minimizes the employee grievance and attrition.
  • Addressing employee queries in a timely manner by maintaining good communication and professional environment.
  • Keeping the records of all employee credentials.
  • Planning the employee Annual Vacation schedule for the projects based on the client instructions.
  • Administering the Company ERP System for Employee Self Service Facilities and responding the queries and employee issues on high priority basis.