Frequently Asked Questions


Working Hours? 

Sunday – Thursday: 08:00 am – 05:00 pm

Leave and Vacation
Health Insurance?
Family Life?
Work environment?
Appreciation and Promotion?
What is MKCL recruitment procedure?


What is ERA?
Why I should Study Through ERA?
How ERA is Different from Other LMS?
What Browser are supported by ERA?
Is learning from ERA Paid or Free?
So many Sites like, Course era provide Free Learning then Why I should Pay for ERA?
My user ID and password will be available for ever or till my course?
Can I download /Copy Content from ERA?
How to Install ERA Exam software to my computer?
Can I download ERA in my Computer and run offline?
What is online examination system? How it works?
What is Progressive assessment?
What is MICIT?
What is mean by WAVE?
What is Klic?
What is Digital University?
I forgot my username and/or password; how do I retrieve them so I can log in to ERA?
Some of my profile information has changed. How do I change my username, password, email address or other information?
How can I add/Change my picture to my profile?
Who can see my profile information?
Can I export my profile information from ERA?
Is my email address shared with others or do you keep them private?


Why I should Use ERA while I have Bb, Moodle etc.?
How much does it cost to infrastructure to setup ERA?
What are after sales Service Facility?
How it is secure?
MKCL work in Art?
Latest Project and innovation in S/W and Education by MKCL.
MKCL Work in Society?
Award and Certificates from International Organizations.
List of Trained Staff in various Divisions.
Seminar and Conferences Organized by MKCL
CV and Detail about Staff?
Accreditation fee and Validity?
Document required to Affiliate my Institute with MKCL
What infrastructure Do I need to get affiliation from MKCL ?
How an Institution can be Reseller of ERA?
What are Revenue Sharing System as being Reseller?

Partners and Content Providers
Is there a list of MKCL Partners?
We are a corporation looking to partner with a digital library/repository such as MKCL. Who should I contact for more information?

Policy FAQ's

Does MKCL share their members email addresses?
How often does MERLOT send emails to its Members?

Technology FAQ's

Does MKCL have RSS feeds?
I see an RSS icon on the Search page. What RSS feeds can I get from the MKCL site?